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The Consulting Process:

  1. We will have an initial 15-30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and desires for your business growth.
  1. After the initial consultation, I will make recommendations on how to proceed and how I can best help you.
  1. Then we will schedule a time to meet for our first consultation appointment.
  1. Prior to meeting, I will send you a welcome packet that you will fill out and send back to me so that we can be ready to begin.
  1. I will review the packet prior to our meeting and prepare my feedback for our first meeting.
  1. After each meeting there will be assignments for you to complete and move on so that we can make the necessary progress with the time we have together.
NOTE: I consider us to be a team and I will work hard and hold the overall vision of what you want to accomplish so that we can reach that goal together.
  1. Typical consulting packages begin with a one-month commitment.
  2. To get a laser consulting session of either 30 minutes or 50 minutes is possible.

Monthly Consulting Packages Typically Include:

  1. An analysis of your private practice business, which will culminate in a comprehensive report to include feedback on:
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • Your Website (inclusive of Google analytics and SEO)
  • Your Company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  1. An updated Marketing Plan to include online marketing.
  1. Private Practice Consulting in four 50 minute sessions per month package.

Other items that can be included or replace other items above are:

  1. Focus sessions specifically dedicated to helping your develop multiple streams of income such and information products (e-book, self-publishing, Mp3 audio, Mp4 Video, CD, DVD)
  1. Focus sessions specifically dedicated to helping you develop training webinars that you can package and sell.
  1. Focus sessions specifically dedicated to helping you write and self-publish your own book.

I want to hear from you so we can work together! I can’t wait to get started! Contact me in the form below so we can set up an initial consultation.

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