Online Private Practice Consultation

  • Do you have a therapy practice and you are not providing online therapy or it’s very limited?
  • Do you want to provide online therapy but you’re not sure how to integrate and use the technology?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the thought of what it would take to transition your clients to an online format?
  • Do you need help to walk through how to integrate the technology and still provide quality therapy services with your clients?

I realize that the transition to providing online therapy has come in faster than you had anticipated. I understand that that taking the certification to ethically provide teletherapy is very different than really knowing what to do and provide the quality of therapy that you are used to.

We are in a quickly moving to a time where teletherapy is becoming even more of a reality for our profession. You deserve to be able to have the support you need while getting the online portion of your practice up and running.

I completely understand your hesitation and your desire for help. I am a Alisha Curry Walker a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and a Board Certified Telemental Health Provider. When I first started working online over a decade ago, there was a huge learning curve and it took more time than I wanted to navigate my way through. I’ve taken so many courses, online masterclasses and gone to so many business conferences and was even a part of an online business mastermind to understand the best practices to doing business online. I’ve invested so much time and thousands of dollars to understand all of what doing business online entails.  I also understand at this point, you don’t have that kind of time.

Let me help you with this.

Over the last decade,  I’ve used online/ digital platforms to provide:







CEU Workshops



and more

I have been in the counseling field for over 20 years and I am well-versed in what it takes to provide quality online services and I want to help you do the same.

Because the current need has increased for therapists to become fluent in providing online services, I have opened up several individual consultation slots and one group consultation time slot to help people who want to get up to speed quickly with ongoing support. I have also reduced my rates from $200 to $150 so that I can support more people who would like consultation.

I’ve already been personally impacted because of institutions being shut down because of the covid virus. My oldest daughter has had to leave school and all classes will be held online. I’m providing this service as an opportunity for you to get prepared should the need arise for you to see clients online.

Let Me Help You Get up and Running Quickly Online through Individual or Group Consultation

The consultation will address:

  • What technology you will need
  • What forms and policies that you need to have in place
  • How to incorporate your clinical skills in an online setting
  • Ethically providing services for your clients
  • What you can offer to clients who may be financially impacted by the recent outbreak
  • Troubleshooting technological issues that could impact your clinical work
  • Any reservations or anxieties you may have about providing online services
  • Specific questions and concerns that you’d like to address

Individual Consultation – $150 for 1 hour consultation – Click Here to Purchase

Group Consultation – $75 for 90 minute group consultation – First Session to begin on March 20th at 9:00 am – 10:30 am. Spaces limited to 12 people – Click Here to Purchase

* All consultation will be done online.

*** If you have a group practice and want to set up a consultation for your entire group, please click here to schedule a 15 minute consultation. In this meeting we will designate a time that best suits your practice needs and the cost for services. ***

Here’s How You Get Started

  • Purchase your consultation preference
  • Select Your Time Slot
  • Join me in our Video Conference at that time

Once you purchase your package:

  • You will be sent an initial packet to complete along with a link to schedule our appointment.
  • After the appointment is scheduled, you will then receive a link to join me via Zoom for our scheduled consultation date.

Click Here to Purchase

I’m so excited to work with you and get you ready to take online clients


  1. Will this replace the telemental health certification? No, if you do not have the telemental health certification, you still need to take that certification in order to follow the ethical guidelines.
  2. How is the consultation different from the certification course? The consultation is different in that you will be provided hands on support and guidance to get your practice online in an ethical manner that supports your current and future clients. The consultation will provide the guidance that you need to help you navigate providing teletherapy in practice and not in theory. It will help you navigate any technological glitches, clinical questions and shorten the learning curve to give you back the time you can now use to see your clients.
  3. When can I get started? I have opened my calendar to include more consultation slots, but I can only take on 10 individual consultations and 12 slots for the group consultation at this time. The slots will be open for 1 week or until all slots are filled.

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