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Do you want to Publish an Ebook to Grow Your Practice?

  • Have you been thinking about creating an ebook for a while, but you were intimidated by what you needed to do to publish it?

  • Has writing an ebook been on your to-do list? You know that it will help grow your practice, but you don’t have time for the learning curve?

  • Do you have so many ideas for an ebook, you are stuck on which one you should choose to publish?

  • Are you unsure about how to make the ebook look professional?

  • Are you unsure if you should write a free ebook or you should sell the ebook?

You know creating an ebook can help you grow your email list, add income, build credibility, and share your expertise and you are ready to write and publish a professional ebook. You can create your own professional ebook that can help you do all of this. You have so much to offer, you deserve to be able to share your expertise like you see so many others doing. Creating an ebook can seem overwhelming especially if this is something you’ve never done before, but you can publish your own ebook and use it to grow your practice.

I get it. I started creating ebooks as a way to build credibility with teaching other therapists how to use social media to build their practices in 2009.

Here’s my first ebook.  

Yes I know it’s quite ugly, but I did it. I created something to support my ideal client with a resource that was helpful.

Since then I’ve written many other ebooks and have self-published a paperback book on Amazon. I’m currently working on an ebook for therapists and another self-published book, but this time it will be a guided journal.

Here is a recent ebook and my self-published book.

Imagine having your own ebook. One that that can help you grow your practice by growing your email list, adding income, building credibility and sharing your expertise. Imagine using your creating an ebook with ease, in an easy to follow step by step method that you can use over and over again to publish ebooks for clients, speaking engagements, resources for colleagues.

Let Me Help You Publish Your Own Ebook in My Upcoming Masterclass

The masterclass is a 3 hour hands on very practical online workshop designed to help you:

  • Set a goal for your ebook of whether to publish a free or paid ebook

  • Plan, research and decide on an ebook topic

  • Flesh out the initial content for your ebook

  • Create a professional design for your ebook

  • Publish your ebook

  • Market and sell your ebook

By the end of the masterclass you will have an ebook that you can then polish and have ready to share with others before the end of the year!

What’s included in the Publish Your First Ebook Masterclass:

  • 3 Hour Hands on interactive tutorial on how to develop, write, publish and sell your ebook

  • 5 free templates you can copy and paste to develop your ebook (Cover page, author page, content page, workbook page and call to action page)

  • Replay recording of the class to use as a guide as you are finishing your ebook

  • Tech resource list

Get Your Seat to the Masterclass

Details for the Masterclass:

  • The masterclass will be taught live on Saturday, November 23, 2019 10:00 PM, EST – 1:00 PM, EST

  • The class will be taught online and recorded. After purchase details to join the live class will be emailed to you.

  • If you are unable to make the class live, the class will be recorded so you can still purchase the course. It is truly a hands-on step by step course that you will be able to follow on your own so that you can have an ebook by the end of the course.

  • All materials and follow up information will be emailed to you once you purchase the course.

The Cost of the Masterclass is Only


Here’s How you Get Started

Sale Ends Thursday, Nov. 21st

I Can’t Wait for You to Join Me and for You to Publish Your Ebook!!!