12 Strategies to Use an Ebook to Grow Your Practice

Ebooks have become a part of our culture and a way for therapists and other professionals to share their expertise with others to help build their private practice. I have included below a list of strategies that you can use to use an ebook to grow your practice. Many of the strategies I share below are how I have used ebooks to grow my business.

1. Grow Your Email List

You can use an ebook as a way to collect people’s email addresses in exchange for the ebook you created.

2. Build Credibility

Ebooks are a great way to build credibility. They allow you have something tangible that you can share with clients, referral sources, at speaking engagements to lend to your expertise as a clinician.

3. As a Resource or Support for Client Work

Using an ebook as a resource to support the work with clients is a brilliant strategy to have you stand out in a sea of other therapists. This allows you to create ebooks that are tailored to the specific needs or recurring issues of your clients.

4. Become a Self-Published Author

You can self-publish an ebook on a platform like Amazon to help you lend even more credibility and as a way to share your expertise on a larger scale. It’s a great way for others to find you as a resource for a particular issue they may be having.

5. Lend Credibility for Speaking Engagements

An ebook is a great way to lend credibility to your speaking engagements and it can help you land more speaking engagements if people can experience your work before they see you speak. You can use this a s resource to support your talk, gather emails in your talk or as sales offer at the end of your talk.

6. As a Resource for Other Therapists

The knowledge that so many of us have is palpable. Yes we share it with our clients and yes we may share it with our supervisees, but there are other therapists that can benefit from the great work that you do and this is just one way that you can contribute to moving the counseling industry forward.

7. Make More Money

Selling an ebook is a great way to have a way to generate sales whether you are seeing clients or not, whether you are on vacation or not. This is a great way to generate the oh so elusive “passive income”

8. Pitch Yourself as an Expert to Media – podcast, television, print, online

An ebook is an easy way to share your expertise with media outlets so that they can see the great work that you do with your clients and tangibly see how your voice can lend a level of expertise to their podcast, magazine or television show.

9. Client Welcome and Discharge Packets

Ebooks look very polished and professional and they are a great way to welcome new clients to make them feel special. Ebooks are also a great way to discharge clients with resources that they can use once they are no longer working with you.

10. Onboarding material

If you are in a group practice, supervisor or you are a consultant, you can use an ebook as onboarding material for new employees contractors, supervisees or consulting clients.

12. Share with Referral Sources

Sharing your material in this way with a referral source is a way for them to see your work as reference and something that they can share with clients that they see as a potential referral for you.


Branded Handouts/Material for a Specific Group

Whether you are also a speaker, consultant or teacher you can use an ebook to create handouts and material specific to the group that you are training, speaking or facilitating.

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