Is your child in college and having a hard time adjusting to the college life? Are they having trouble navigating the college process? Are you concerned that they are not as successful in college as they could be? Are their grades slipping? When you talk to them, they either sound anxious or depressed? Do they seem to be extremely home sick? Not making friends or connecting with others? Are they having issues with a roommate or a suite mate and they haven’t figured out how to handle it? Do you feel like you want to step in and handle it, but you know that either from past experience or seeing others that stepping in won’t be helpful? Are you unsure how to help, but you know your child needs help?

Transitioning from being at home to a new place can be very overwhelming for the teen as well as the parents. You know that your child could be successful in college, but they just can’t seem to get their footing. You want to help without being “that parent” and taking over. You may have even tried that and the school won’t tell you anything because they say your child is an adult.

The college sees them as an adult, but you still see them as your baby. How can you help them become the adult that the college sees them as and that you know they can and need to be?

I would love to be a resource for you and your child in this process. I work with young people in college who are:
Overwhelmed with what it takes to navigate college life
Need support with creating and following a schedule that will help them be successful
Having feelings of anxiety or are feeling stressed because of their workload, social interactions or reaching out and asking professors for help
Having a hard time with the transition from home to college
Need support in the soft skills that will help them be a successful adult

Because my services are completely online through video counseling, I can work with your child whether they are in the State of Georgia or somewhere else in the country. I can support them from the comfort of their dorm room or other private location on campus.
Every parent wants their child to be successful, but sometimes you don’t know how to help. This could be one of those times. Letting go of your child and allowing them to navigate college can be scary for you as well.

Would you believe all of this is normal? As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I’ve helped clients prepare deal with these stressors and be successful in college. As a parent of a college student, I can relate with you first hand on how you as a parent feel about letting your child go off to college and all of the emotions that you go through seeing your child have to make their own way.

If any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in and if you would like to know more, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me in the form below to set up a 15 minute consultation to see if my services are a good fit. Prior to contacting me, please talk with your teen to see if this is something that they would be interested in as well.

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