What Happens in Therapy

First let me say, I am excited that you are interested in working with me!  You have taken the first step in getting the support that you need, but I know that this process can be scary especially if you’ve never done counseling before or even if you have, you have never done online counseling before.

Step 1

Find a time through my calendar that we can set for an initial consultation. The consultation is a 15 minute free call that we schedule so that I can find out more about you and your needs and so that you can decide if my services are a fit for you.

If I am a fit for you and you are a fit for online counseling, we will schedule an intake session. If I am not a good fit for you or online counseling is not something that is a good fit for you, I will offer support in finding an appropriate referral for you.

Step 2

Prior to the intake session you will be set up with login details and initial paperwork that I will need you to complete and submit to me at least 24 hours prior to our session so that I have time to review it and to prepare for our session. Please ensure that you are in a private location and that you are in a place that we can communicate in privacy.

Step 3

At our agreed upon time for the initial intake session we will review your intake paperwork, discuss what issues or concerns you have that have brought you to counseling. We will also review necessary paperwork to get started in counseling. During this time we will work to come up with an initial plan for services and discuss an initial plan of action to move forward.

Step 4

We will set ongoing sessions to work together on a weekly basis to start and then we can adjust the frequency of sessions as needed. Throughout our work together, I will support you and at times challenge you. In order to fully get the most out of your counseling experience, it is important for you to do the work of making the improvements that we’ve set out together. Counseling is a collaborative relationship and I am here to help.

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