One online group can transform your life from fear, overwhelm, anxiety and being stuck to taking control of your life and intentionally shaping your identity into the woman God has called you to be, a masterpiece.

Why take control of your life now…

Have you been feeling like your life is off track or the life you want to live is far away? Or you feel just plain stuck?

Do you feel like you know you want to do something different or you want more, but you feel stuck, like you have one foot on the pedal and one foot on the brake, so you aren’t going anywhere. 

You have lived a life of putting others needs and wants before your own and now you feel lost. 

You feel like it’s time to hit the reset button. There is so much you want to do. So much you believe God has in store for you, but you either don’t know where to start or every time you do start, something or someone else takes precedence over you.

You know you want to make a change, but you keep repeating the same cycle over and over again. You are desperate to make a change, but it feels like it keeps getting harder and harder to break free.

You’ve made resolution after resolution to change that 1, 2 or maybe even 3 areas of your life, but you just can’t seem to make it stick.

What if I told you I know why this keeps happening, why you’re stuck, why you keep allowing everything and everyone else to take precedence, why you feel like your life is off track?

I know why this is happening and what you can do to take control of your life, make a real transformation, and intentionally shape your life into the identity God has for you, a life of abundance and God’s masterpiece.

The truth is there is a plan and a purpose that God has for your life.

Hi, I’m Alisha Curry Walker

Like many women, I juggle multiple priorities, wife, mother and business owner and there was a time when all of these priorities seemed to be more important than me. This was especially true when my youngest daughter was born with Sickle Cell and then went through a life saving bone marrow transplant all within the span of 4 years. I was completely wiped out and depleted. All the things I imagined I would do, dreamed and prayed about doing, I just didn’t have the energy to do and I felt stuck. Repeating the same cycles and patterns over and over again. After a period of time, I lost sight of who I was and couldn’t seem to get back to the woman that I knew God meant for me to be. I was living at a level less than God’s best for me, but I was so depleted, I didn’t realize it.

Then in 2018 I joined a business group full of amazing entrepreneurs and my eyes were opened to truly living an abundant life could look like. By 2019, God began to intentionally care and shape a path that He would use to help me not only transform my life, but hundreds of other women through Soul Care. He was shaping me into my unique identity and purpose that propelled me into living an abundant, full, joyful, peaceful life in every area of my life. I discovered a formula to transform my life and others by combining my over 25 years of experience in the counseling field and Licensed Professional Counselor, with sound research and biblical principles. Then in 2020, I published a book that captures this formula that helps women walk you through this journey to transform their identity into the woman God has called them to be, Soul Care: A Guided Prayer Journal and Planner for Women.

After the book was published, women shared with me that the process of Soul Care in the book was just what they needed, was right on time, it was transformational and even that it felt like going to therapy. And many of these women have asked for more. After interviewing and talking to several women about the work and the transformation they’ve gained from the book, and in the process, I identified a clear blueprint that you can use to create your own transformation.

The conclusions I discovered.

Many people want to take control of their life and make a lasting transformation, but are stopped by fear. Fear is a natural part of transformation and change. It doesn’t have to stop you. You can actually use it to propel you forward.

Many women put themselves last or repeat the same patterns over and over again. With the right framework, teaching, support and accountability, you can learn to care for yourself and break free from the same cycle in a short period of time

There is a Big difference between making small changes and true transformation by intentionally shaping and co-creating your identity into God’s masterpiece.

The Difference Between Making Small Changes…

 and True Transformation into God’s Masterpiece

What Soul Care Women do to make true transformation into God’s Masterpiece:

  • They Dream with God and envision an abundant life in every area
  • They Evaluate the areas of their life that are keeping them stuck
  • They Co-create their identity with God and write out this vision in detail
  • They confront their fears and lies that make their faith waiver
  • They establish a practical plan and a routine with God that is applied daily
  • They work their plan to establish new habits that align with their transformation

What if you have tried other courses and programs and don’t see the results that you hoped?

You may have experienced these symptoms:

Frustration– because you didn’t have the right tools to help you overcome in moments where you didn’t see transformation

Overwhelmed by the work – you got lost in work

Lack of support and lack of accountability – there was not support to help you reach the goal

Didn’t include your faith – there was no connection to your faith in the program

Every single one of these symptoms are accounted for in the design of this group coaching program

Let Me Help Guide You in Soul Care: The 90 Day Life Transformation

A 90-day virtual group coaching program to reset and intentionally partner with God to shape your identity into the woman God has called you to be

I’m so excited for you because this group is an answer to your prayer. If you’ve prayed to make lasting changes, to make your life look more like God’s vision for you and become the woman you know God wants you to be, to put your health and happiness first, to not take yourself for granted or any version of these prayers …

I want YOU to join

I’m excited because I have prayed over this program and you. It is intentionally crafted so that if you truly want to become a new woman or reclaim the best parts of you, then YOU should join.

If this is you, consider this your personal invitation to join me in 

Soul Care: The 90 Day Life Transformation Group Coaching Program

Your Virtual Group Coaching Program Includes:

  • 12 weekly interactive group coaching video calls
  • Live coaching call 
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Downloadable prayer journal
  • Downloadable 9o day planner and calendar
  • Prayer
  • Downloadable coaching tools
  • Access to video and audio recordings in learning portal
  • Your own personalized plan to make this your best year


  • Private FB Group
  • Group Support and Accountability
  • Monthly Work Sessions

What You Need to Join

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😊 Join me on Wednesday, June 29th to start your 90 Day Life Transformation

While going through the Soul Care journal with a small group of women, I discovered through prayer, that I was afraid to fail. As a result, I just didn’t try simply to avoid failing.  As I looked back over my life, I saw this pattern over and over again. 

I was stuck and stopped moving towards the things that I knew God wanted me to do. 

After realizing this, it was still hard to get out of my own way. It was hard to change my thoughts and behavior. When we did the visualization of what my older self would say to the younger me, it was “don’t be afraid to try”. It takes time to change a behavior you’ve had your entire life, but prayer, the work that I put in and the support I received from my group and Alisha changed things.  Now, I’m not afraid to try and I know that I’m going to give it my best shot.

I have started embracing new opportunities. I’m not always 100% sure I can do it, but I move anyway.  I stopped limiting myself and repeat to myself often, “don’t be afraid to try”.

Roberta Moise

Soul Care Prayer journal was not what I expected in a great way! The journal literally takes you step by step in learning what soul care is how to actually take care of your soul. It is Biblically sound, and you can feel the compassion and consideration that this book was written with. As the author states, it definitely allows you to be an ACTIVE participant in making some changes in your life. I particularly like to know what to actually DO after being inspired. Soul Care does just that. If you are looking for a way to do something different in your life, a way to be inspired, engaged & encouraged, Soul Care is a must have! I highly recommend this journal. It will impact your soul!!!!

Stephanie Bullock Ferguson

I began what I call my “Soul Care”  Journey with Alisha a few months ago.  It has transformed the way I think, the way I speak and the way I walk through life.   As a result of this journey, gone are the doubts and limiting beliefs that created cycles in my life.  I know the “masterpiece”,  the “designer original” who God called me to be and I am walking that out fearlessly in freedom.. Once I allowed Holy Spirit to work in me, everything around me began to align with my faith filled thoughts and words . I challenge you to step out of the old patterns, thoughts, ideas and words and walk into a faith filled life of God’s purpose.

Patricia Simes, Business Strategist, Innovative Business Solutions

Soul Care- The 90 Day Life Transformation Group - One Time Payment

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Try the group and if you don’t see results and you’ve put in the work, I’ll refund your money. I know if you put in the work, you’ll see powerful results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase this program for someone else?

Yes, you can join Soul Care for yourself and you can either invite or purchase the program for others you know who could benefit.

If I join, should I let this replace the work with a therapist?

No, this is not a replacement for counseling with a therapist. This is another resource to support you in  the work that you’re doing.

If I miss any of the live sessions, how can I see them?

All sessions will be recorded and available for replay in the membership portal.

What if I want to have others join me in the Soul Care program?

Please invite your friends and family to join you, this adds an extra layer of support. But, please don’t let it stop you if they’re not ready to join now.


I am Alisha Curry Walker and I have a passion to help others live the life they desire and deserve. I’ve been on this path to help others succeed for over 25 years. I do this as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor, Board Certified – Telemental Health Provider, Speaker, Author and Coach. I’ve counseled thousands of people, dealing with issues that range in diversity from anxiety and trauma, to parenting and marital / relationship issues. I have forged a path on several roads to infuse my passion for mental health and wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual health, resilience and soul care. She has a desire to hold the hope for the hopeless, provide encouragement to the lost, shine a light on what success means to you and lead the parade for all those that will listen about the benefits of mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness

I’ve published numerous articles on self-care, mental health and wellness, spiritual wellness and marriage and relationships. I’ve even written a book for couples, I Love Being Married: A Guide to Divorceproof Your Marriage . My latest book, a guided prayer journal was published in December 2020, Soul Care: A Guided Prayer Journal for Women

I have been married for 23 years and have 5 beautiful children. As a family we have endured some soul shaking events, which has fueled my passions even further to help motivate and inspire others to live the life they desire and deserve.

I have prayed over this program and the women who will join. I am excited for this new journey we will take together, but most importantly, I am excited for your transformation into the woman that God has called you to be.

I can’t wait to see you in the program,