In this episode, I interview Ronnie Harris Tyler of Black and Married with Kids. Ronnie Tyler along with her husband Lamar, Ronnie Tyler is the co-founder of the site Black and Married with Kids, the largest independent African American marriage and parenting site on the web. Fed up with the pervasive negative images of black marriage in the media, Lamar and Ronnie started the site to combat the negativity by focusing on positive messages about marriage, they have taken Black and Married with Kids from a small personal blog to an international brand under their own Tyler New Media umbrella that also boasts five independently produced best-selling films and a massive social media presence. On top of everything else, Lamar and Ronnie are the parents of 4 beautiful children and call Atlanta home.

In the interview, Ronnie shares her personal story of some of her most challenging obstacles and what she did to overcome them. She also shares some of the strategies she’s uses to handle anxiety so that she can live the life of the best woman.

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