3 Tips to Reframe, Retrain and Rewire Your Brain for Business Success

You can’t continue to hustle and grind without a mental and emotional break or you will have a mental and emotional breakdown.

Being an entrepreneur can feel like you are on a roller coaster ride of emotions and that you are pulled in all kinds of directions. My goal over the next few emails is to show you how you can gain control over this feeling by sharing tips from to help you learn to reframe, retrain and rewire your brain for business success.

I’ve created an acronym for CEO to help remind you how to hone in on the CEO mindset needed to have emotional and mental health as a business owner.

C – Create a Plan

Create a plan of action for your day that can incorporate mental breaks throughout the day every 90 minutes. By doing this you are working to maximize your productivity. A tired brain is an exhausted brain and can lead to burnout, overwhelm, depression and anxiety. Make sure your plan to take breaks is intentional and is on your calendar as a reminder or you set the timer on your phone until this becomes a habit.

E – Exercise

During the break that you take, if it has been a particularly taxing mental focus, take a moment to exercise. Get up and move. Go for a walk, dance, bounce on a ball get on the treadmill. Do whatever it takes to get moving.

O- Organize a Set of Rituals

Organize a set of rituals that can help you move from mental focus to rest and back to mental focus. For example: listening to classical music, lighting candles, listening to a quick inspirational podcast

All of these could be rituals that you incorporate to get you from rest back to focus.

So remember, to ensure that you have mental and emotional breaks so you don’t have a mental or emotional breakdown, incorporate your CEO mindset.